Hospice care involves switching from aggressive curative treatment to palliative treatment. Palliative treatment is the focus on pain and symptom management, in order to increase comfort and quality of life for patients with life-limiting diseases. It is used when the curative treatments no longer offer any benefit to the patient or when the drawbacks of continued treatment outweigh the benefits. Most insurance programs, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, provide coverage for hospice and palliative care.

The Hospice Family Care™ Team
Hospice Family Care™ offers a dedicated team of caring, compassionate individuals who are professionally trained to care for you and your family.
Our Nurses:

A Hospice Family Care™ Registered Nurse will maintain close contact by providing regular visits.
The frequency of visits will depend on the patient’s condition and the needs of the caregiver. The schedule for visits will be evaluated for each individual case.
The Hospice Family Care™ nurse will teach, supervise and counsel the patient and family regarding patient care, symptom control and administering medication.
The primary physician will receive regular reports on the patient’s condition and will be consulted for any changes in treatment.
Registered Nurses are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week. You may call for help any time of the night or day.
Our Social Workers:

A licensed professional Social Worker will visit regularly.
Hospice Family Care™ Social Workers will listen and help the family work together to provide emotional, physical and spiritual support for one another.
We offer counseling to the patient, caregiver and the family that focuses on coping with concerns and problems. We can also facilitate possibilities for family closeness during this difficult time.
The Social Worker will work to reduce the fears and uncertainties of the patient and family.
We will also provide guidance for the family to help maximize resources and augment the support system. If full-time caregivers are needed, Hospice Family Care™ will assist the family in locating and organizing these services.
Our Certified Hospice Aides:

Hospice Aides are available to provide services such as baths, shampoos and linen changes.
The Hospice Aides are certified and specially trained to provide direct personal care for the patients.
If a need is determined by the Hospice Family Care™ team, Hospice Aides can also provide assistance with basic household tasks.
Our Volunteers:

It is the goal of the volunteer program to enhance the quality of care delivered to the patient and family through support and assistance.
A volunteer may sit with the patient while family members run errands. He/she may read to the patient or just talk in order to provide companionship and reassurance.
Volunteers are assigned based on the patient and family’s need and availability.
Our Spiritual Care:

Spiritual care is an integral part of the whole-person care offered by Hospice Family Care™, and is provided upon request by the patient or family.
Chaplain visits can be a source of additional emotional support. The chaplain enables the patient to address issues about the meaning of life and death and can provide reassurance and comfort
All members of the Hospice Family Care™ team are concerned with spiritual issues and are ready to make the appropriate referrals.  We serve a diverse community. When needed we will coordinate spiritual care for a patient and family with any local faith leader or spiritual guide available.
Our Bereavement Care:

Hospice Family Care™ offers grief and bereavement support groups and services for at least 13 months for the family following the patient’s death. There are various groups available for adults and programs are also available specifically for children at The Caring House, the most comprehensive childhood bereavement program of any hospice provider in the community.

 The staff at Hospice Family Care™ considers it an honor and a privilege to be a part of our patients’ and families’ lives during this time of transition. We believe that, just as families gather to celebrate birth, a person deserves the same attention, love and care as they end this life.