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Becoming a Hospice Family Care volunteer is about taking care of your community, so it seems only natural to name our volunteer program the Community Care Team.
Volunteer Services combine compassion and skill to increase quality of life and efficient operations, from our front desk to patient's homes.
Whether you want to share your administrative or companionship skills, being  a part of the team is all about being a good caregiver. Our office volunteers and patient companion volunteers each approach their roles with the same care, compassion, and appreciation for life.
Our volunteers come from a variety of cultural, social and professional backgrounds. The agency embraces this diversity and understands the value that those experiences bring to our organization.  We strive to recruit volunteers that authentically represent the wonderful community we care for everyday.  
Do you have the heart, but unsure if you have the skill? 
We provide a thorough screening and training process for all volunteers.  Screening allows you time to make an informed decision, and training helps you develop the knowledge and skill needed to become a great volunteer.
There are many benefits to volunteering. You will grow and learn new skills that are challenging and rewarding.  Becoming comfortable and proficient with topics around death and dying will bring peace and comfort to your own life, including those around you.  Many of the skills you will learn are appealing to employers as well.
 2 Basic Types of Volunteers 
Indirect / Administrative Community Care Team Volunteers
If you choose in-direct care, you'll have the opportunity to support our patients and families through administrative, media/technology, and community outreach efforts. These volunteers enjoy the details. While they may be "behind the scenes," they increase patient care and comfort by helping the agency run efficiently and organized.
Direct Care Community Care Team Volunteers
If you choose to support patients directly, you will have the opportunity to increase quality of life, comfort, and dignity. You will support the patient and/or family with companionship activities, emotional and social support, and basic activities of living that can increase comfort and ease the burden on caregivers. You'll do this while building life enriching relationships with members of your own community.
Volunteers founded Hospice Family Care and continue to make measurable impacts in every area of our organization. Because of that we have a full-time Volunteer Coordinator available to support you and your work!
Please review all the information available online using the buttons to the left. For further questions, please contact:

Gina Stephens
Volunteer Coordinator