Death can be a painful and permanent loss experience, and one of the hardest from which to recover. Death takes away, but facing it and grieving can result in peace, new strengths and purpose. Grief is a normal response to loss. It can be the loss of a home, job, marriage or a loved one. Often the most painful loss is the death of a person you love, whether from a long illness or from an accident or an act of violence.
Bereavement is the period after a loss during which grief is experienced and mourning occurs. The time spent in a period of bereavement depends on how attached the person was to the person who died, and how much time was spent anticipating the loss.
Mourning is the process by which people adapt to a loss. Mourning is also influenced by cultural customs, rituals and society’s rules for coping with the loss.
Our grief and bereavement services at Hospice Family Care™ can help you understand the grief you and others in your family may feel after a death, whether sudden or anticipated.
You are not alone.