Years ago, we did not have the ability to legally document our wishes regarding end-of-life care. If you have strong feelings about the type of care you would or would not want should you become terminally ill or permanently unconscious, then you need a living will.
A living will, or advance directive, allows you to remain in control of your medical care even if you become confused or unable to participate in decision making. In a living will, you have the opportunity to state whether or not you would want life sustaining treatment that would prolong your life but would not cure your illness. There are specific questions to be answered and you may add additional directives if you wish. Anything that is important to you regarding end-of-life care should be stated in your living will. You may also name someone to make decisions regarding medical care that is not covered in your living will. This person is called your health care proxy.
Many people are afraid to complete a living will because they fear that they will not receive treatment for any illness. Please remember, the living will is followed only after two doctors have determined that your condition can not be reversed or cured and that the prognosis is limited.
Filling out a living will only takes a few minutes and the social workers at Hospice Family Care™ are available to provide information and assistance. Click Here for a copy of the current Alabama Advance Directive or contact our office at (256) 650-1212.